list of Year Ending Tasks for FY 2020-21 – –

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  1. Refund for FY 2018-19
  2. GST on advanced payments
  3. Letter Of Undertaking
  4. Reco of GSTR 2A with the purchase invoices
  5. Reconciliation of ITC ledgers
  6. Reconciliation of Gstr 1/3B Sales with balance sheet sales
  7. Reconciliation of Gstr 3B with the ITC on purchases
  8. Reconciliation of E Way Bills with Gstr 1 and further with Gstr 3B
  9. Job work
  10. Blocked Credit
  11.  Restricted ITC as per 36(4)
  12. Payment of Supplier within 180 days
  13.  Updations in GST RC
  14. RCM Reverse Charge Mechanisms
  15. HSN code requirements
  16.  QR Coding
  17.  Invoicing
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