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Various new functionalities are implemented on the GST Portal, from time to time, for GST stakeholders. These functionalities pertain to different modules such as Registration, Returns, Advance Ruling, Payment, Refund and other miscellaneous topics. Various webinars are also conducted as well informational videos prepared on these functionalities and posted on GSTNs dedicated YouTube channel for the benefit of the stakeholders.


To view module wise functionalities deployed on the GST Portal and webinars conducted/ Videos posted on our YouTube channel, refer to table below:


Sl. No.  

Taxpayer functionalities deployed on the GST Portal during

Click link below
1. February, 2021
2. January, 2021 _jan_2021.pdf
3. October-December, 2020
4. Compilation of GSTN YouTube Videos posted from January-December, 2020


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