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Our corporate finance team is well placed to provide expert advice throughout the life-cycle of a business.

orporate projects and its financial dynamics are to be worked-out well if any endeavor is to be given shape and result. We at Ayush Poddar & Associates use our skills and resourcefulness in this arena to convert your sound ideas to reality. We can assist with finding and then acquiring your first business and will continue to support you as the business develops. This could be through the development of a comprehensive business plan, preparation of detailed financial forecasts to support the raising of finance or by helping you to implement an acquisition strategy. As you look to realize your investment in the business in the years to come, we can help you maximize your proceeds by grooming the business for sale and project managing your exit via sale to a trade buyer, management buy-out team or private equity house.

Our key services are listed below:

1. Preparation of project report

Successful projects start with a good quality project schedule. Creating a schedule is one of the first tasks you should do when given a project to manage. We look at a simple, practical approach to creating project schedules.

  1. Estimating Project Costs
  2. Funding Proposal

2. Loan arrangement
(Cash credit limit, Term loan & Project loan)

As a financial consultant we provide a variety of financial services that are directly or indirectly in compliance with SEBI ACT, RBI ACT and guidelines of ministry of finance. We help arrange and syndicate funds for clients’ new or existing projects. We provide these services for large, medium, small and even unlisted companies. We arrange funds for our clients from financial institutions and Banks.
We have closely worked with Private and Public Sector Banks for arranging short term and long term funds. Also looking at the pace of industry growth in last 20 years, we have started focusing on arranging modernized funding inform of Private Equity, FCCB, Issue of Preferential Shares, venture capitalist for new and budding entrepreneurs.

Our various services can be listed as below:

  1. Project Financing
  2. Loan Syndication from Central and State Financial Institution
  3. Project Loans
  4. Working Capital Proposals (CC/LC/BG)
  5. Domestic Factoring
  6. Loan Against Property
  7. Commercial Purchase
  8. Home Loans
  9. Term Loans
  10. OD Limits
  11. Export/Import Factoring
  12. Unsecured Business Loans
  13. Machinery Loan

3. Due diligence for finance

Offers to purchase an asset are usually dependent on the results of due diligence analysis. This includes reviewing all financial records plus anything else deemed material to the sale. Sellers could also perform a due diligence analysis on the buyer. Items that may be considered are the buyer’s ability to purchase, as well as other items that would affect the purchased entity or the seller after the sale has been completed. Due diligence is a way of preventing unnecessary harm to either party involved in a transaction.

Whatever big decisions are facing your business, we will provide down to earth strategic advice that you can trust.

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